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Fleas and Socks

God, is this hassle, really necessary?

One flea, two fleas, three fleas; an interesting aggravation. Any more than that, particularly in a one room, 350 square foot windowless, sky-lighted attic apartment, which I used to live in, is a pestilence; a pernicious, evil influence.

My migraine and resulting daylong bad mood was proof enough that there was a strategic plan to take my peace hostage. Suddenly, mysteriously, I had a flea infestation; a gift from Fiona, my landlady’s cat.

After minor annoyance turned into major frustration because the fleas birthed many babies, I went into guerilla warfare mode. I purchased a can of natural bug spray containing lemon grass oil rejoicing that it would also kill fleas. The carpet was saturated with this mass weapon of destruction, and I was gagging from the “natural” fumes. Emboldened by the taste of eventual victory I belted out a war cry, “Failure is not an option; die you tiny fools!”

Headache starts. Eyes watered. Fleas laughed. No, they jubilantly danced, on my feet, my legs, everywhere, obviously stoned from the noxious, but sweet-smelling spray. First round score: Fleas 1. Marta, zero. Total time invested over an hour. I lost the war because I was ill-prepared. I underestimated my enemy.

Never again.

Anyone  who has even a mild acquaintance with fleas knows that you can’t kill a flea by squishing. You must pop them. Problem is that by the time the enemy sees your big fat fingers coming, he’s smugly disappeared. I needed a new plan where I could more clearly see the enemy.

Socks and water.

You can’t defeat your enemy if he is invisible. I prayed (yes, that’s right, prayed), asking for a replacement weaponry and new vision because mine was obviously not working. Unexpectedly, my heart heard a prayer’s answer. Socks! Clorox-bleached white socks.

Seriously, God? Socks?

As soon as I put on a pair of them, I gained a strategic advantage because it was easier to see the miniscule, hopping culprits. Add a bowl of hot water for flea dunking because popping thousands of them was too time-consuming. Did you know fleas swim then sink?

My apartment eventually had fewer fleas because I put on new battle gear and could finally see my tormentors. Several weeks passed before they were all gone, and a few more cans of the obnoxious spray, but when the I took charge and made a decision to not remain a victim, the power to overcome emerged.

Lord, when is enough, enough?

Ever get so darn tired of the daily flea bites you get from life’s struggles? Find that usually, one bad thing leads to another until you have an infestation?

The prince of darkness has only one thing in mind for you, and that’s to separate you from the truth of God’s historically-proven love and faithfulness.

More often than not, the muggings on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual peace are stealth and come when least expected. My flea infestation didn’t happen overnight. Apparently, they were incubating and waiting for the right time to birth mayhem. I didn’t see them because I wasn’t wearing socks; the appropriate gear to gain clearer visibility.

My King, will You equip and empower me to do Your will?

When we spend quality time in inductive Bible study and scripture memory, we’re putting on spiritual gear to protect us from the evil pestilence of the enemy’s onslaughts.

The battering isn’t going to be one flea, or two, or three. Just a little crack in your mind’s floor, which starts to question God’s truth, and you’ll gain an infestation that’ll be difficult to remove quickly.

Ephesians 6:11 talks about putting on the whole armor of God (soldier talk because you’re wrestling with unseen armored ones). Socks gave me the ability to clothe and arm myself properly for an aggressive warfare with nearly invisible enemies (fleas).  When I finally saw my adversary, I won the battle. The stink of the insecticide remained for days, but my victory was forever.

So it is also with the right application of God’s Word and persistent praises to Him for His faithfulness. Relentlessly applied, these will restore order out of your life’s chaos and transform you into more than a conqueror.



Comments on: "Fleas and Socks" (2)

  1. Trisha Monroe said:

    As I was looking for info on fleas, I ran across this. My life IS like a storm at the moment and to my surprise, this Casting Crown song played. Quickly flea problems left my mind and I lay in my bed listening to the words being sung. A gentle reminder to Praise my Lord during this difficult time in my life. If he chooses to heal me or not, I will STILL Praise Him!!!

  2. M.Ramon said:

    Boric Acid. Under $3.00 for a bottle at Home Depot. Problem solved instantly. No fumes, no smell and no problems. Safe for pets.

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