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About: Tribe of Hope

An Invitation from Marta:

Move forward.

I invite you to join the conversation in the gathering here called: “Tribe of Hope,” Where warm, calefacient communications seek to draw out healing and wholeness to broken lives.

This blog is dedicated to those weary sojourners who are sincerely seeking understanding, honest dialogue with fellow pilgrims, and sanctuary from the battlefield of daily life, and who do so with open minds and kind hearts.

We congregate here as a community because we collectively hunger, we thirst for relevant answers to “Where’s the Light in my darkest night?”

I welcome your own stories of waiting, wandering or wondering.

Sometimes here, comments will be serious, sometimes not so much. Sometimes, I’ll post something totally irrelevant. Not irreverent. Irrelevant. There’s a difference.

There is Beauty in the ugly. Hope in the messy. Purpose in the scars.
(This is a seahorse. Look closely and be amazed how God designed its protective gear.)

A sense of humor will go a long way in enjoying this blog, as will appreciation for satire and occasional sarcasm, depending on my mood (or yours).

I don’t proclaim to have all the answers. I do, however, know Who does.

Let’s dance together, the tribal celebration of hope and bravely weeping or limping forward — of resolutely trusting upward — of letting go of all that have held us ridiculously too long in ashes, ruins, and shackled captivity.

God, why do You make things that sting, so necessary for the greater good?

Join with me and raise up a bleeding arm, a nearly-diminished torch, or even thread-bare smelly socks and affirm with a loud audacious, even bodacious voice, “Cheers” to Potential and Promise.

Trust me. Authentic hope is not as illusive as it seems. You just need to know where to look.

Onward in the adventure. Let’s go. →

Marta Zorro Driesslein


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