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Comfort Food

Sometimes, only chocolate or macaroni & cheese will do!

Frustration and impatience are two potent ingredients to make me want to head for comfort food.

As a creative, I enjoy building and developing things. So when I have a choice to allow the sin of unrepented aggravation with the slowness of God’s answers or clarity for direction, to go rampant, OR, do something more productive and less destructive to my soul’s peace, I tend to head to the kitchen to bake. As I see the created thing birthed, I’m immediately drawn to rememberance of God’s proven and continued faithfulness to messy me. My thoughts return to praise and gratitude; things lacking in my initial self-willed bratness.

Trust me, my culinary artistry will never make it to the Food Network, but I’m pleased to find out from friends that what I’ve made, they’ve really enjoyed.

Generally, I take a recipe I find online, and then another or two, blend these together, adding a sprinkle of this, a dollop of that, and voila! a magical manifestation of Marta’s mouth-watering morsels.

Weirdly, the concoctions are pretty delicious. I’m amazed at these creations popping out of the oven tasting so scrumptous. I guess, in reality, my newfound skill in chefdom is a grace from God; it certainly didn’t come naturally.

If you try a recipe posted on this page, and you find it a raving success, even if you modify the original formula, feel free to comment and let me know. If your project failed, don’t blame me (LOL).

I invite recipes from both guys and gals. Doesn’t have to be decadent deserts. All kinds of food and delicacies are welcomed here in this tribe. Right now, I’m thinking savory ribs. Yum!

Here’s one of my favorites from Martha Stewart … macaroni and cheese:


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  1. What a great start on your website! The articles carry a valuable message we need to remember in times of doubt and need.

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